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The Wizarding World Joys with the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The Deatheaters who escaped Azkaban believe that he will return since there was one hocrux no one knew about. Them.
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 Lesson 1: Boil Cure Potion

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PostSubject: Lesson 1: Boil Cure Potion   Sat Feb 23, 2008 1:45 pm

As the last bell rang, Professor Hecate burst into the classroom with a serious face. With a flick of her wand the window shades closed making the classroon slightly dark. She swiftly turned and faced the first years. “My name is Professor Hecate. I will be your potions professor during your time in Hogwarts. Before I start teaching I want to quickly go over the rules.” Professor Hecate flicked her wand and her writing appeared on the board.

The Rules

1.All forum rules apply when you submit your homework.
2.All homework must be submitted on time.
3.Homework are to be submitted through a PM.
4.After 5 missed homeworks, I will take three points away from your house.
5.Submitting copied work will result in a “0”. If you submit copied homework three times I will take two house points away. If it happens ten times I will take five house points away AND I will be forced to report you to the Head Master.
6.All homework has to be in your OWN words or you’ll get a zero.
7.Homework are worth 10 points.

Professor Hecate waited for the students to finish reading the rules and then continued. “Today we’ll be learning a simple potion. This potion is called Boil Cure Potion. This potion is one of the simplest potion you will learn throughout the year. Can anyone tell me why its one of the easiest potion?”

A slytherin boy raised his hand. “Yes Mr. Honratio.”

“It’s one of the easiest potions because it only uses four ingredients.”

“Good job Mr. Honratio. Five points to Slytherin.” Professor Hecate flicked her wand again and the writing was replaced with the ingredients for the potion.


Dried Nettles
Crushed Snake Fangs
Stewed Horned Slugs
Porcupine Quills (Add after taking the cauldron off the fire.)

“Professor Hecate, why do we need to add the porcupine quills after we take it of the fire?” a young Hufflepuff boy asked.

“Because if you don’t angry red boils will appear on your face. Students take out your cauldrons and ladles. After doing so come up and get the ingredients you need. When you are ready we will begin”
She watched the first years follow her directions. When they finally settled down she continued. With another flick of her wand the instructions appeared on the board next to the ingredients.


1.Fill your cauldrons with water and put them on the fire. Let it boil for 5 minutes
2.Add 1 pound of Dried Nettles, 2 Crush Snake Fangs, add 1-3 Stewed Horn Slugs. Wait thirty seconds
3.Remove the cauldron from the fire and stir in 4 porcupine quills. Mix for 15 minutes and you’re done.

Professor Hecate walked around watching the students make the potion. She stopped in front of a Hufflepuff girl who was giggling with girl next to her.

“And what may I add is so funny?”
“N-nothing professor.” She responded stuttering.
“Get back to work Miss Diez. If I catch you not doing the assigned work again I will take two house points understood?”
“Yes ma’am.” The Hufflepuff closed her mouth and continued to work on the potion.

-Thirty minutes later-

“Professor Hecate, I’m finished.” A young slytherin girl said. Professor Hecate walked towards her and examined her work.
“Excellent Miss Shiga. Five points to slytherin.” After exmaining the rest of the students work, Professor Hecate pointed her wand at the board and the homework appeared there.


1.)What is the name of the potion we learned about today?

2.)What were the ingredients needed to make the potion?

3.)Why can’t you add the porcupine quills while the cauldron is on the fire?

4.)How many Crushed Snake Fangs is required for the potion?

5.)How long does it take to make the potion?

Extra Credit:

1.)Why is this potion one of the easiest potion to learn?
2.)For how long do you mix the porcupine quills?
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Lesson 1: Boil Cure Potion
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