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 Rules of the Game

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PostSubject: Rules of the Game   Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:31 am

We all hate them but we all need them. (DON'T LIE!)

Basic rules of play

Each Quidditch Team consists of seven players each.

The Seeker
Three Chasers
Two Beaters
And A Keeper

Three goal rings or ‘posts’ line either ends of the field, or ‘pitch’. These goals are protected by each team’s ‘Keeper’. Quidditch is played with three very different balls. The ‘Quaffle’ is 12 inches in diameter and is made of leather bindings. This ball is tossed between the Chasers with the intent of shooting it through the hoops at either end of the pitch, much like muggle soccer. The ‘Bludgers’ are smaller then the Quaffle and made of iron. ‘Bludgers’ are the most dangerous balls of all as they are enchanted to pursue the player closest to them. ‘Bludgers’ are hit by players called Beaters. Serious injuries have been caused by ‘Bludgers’ hitting people and causing them to fall off their brooms. The third and most important ball is the ‘Golden Snitch’. The ‘Golden Snitch’ is a tiny metal ball wings and is enchanted to flee the ‘Seeker’.

Jobs of Each player

Seeker: The sole job of the team seeker is to catch the Golden Snitch resulting in 150 points awarded to their team, which more often then not, wins the game in their favor.

Keeper: Defense of the three goal posts.

Chasers: Defense and handling of the Quaffle. The Chaser’s job is to get the Quaffle into the goals in order to score points.

Beaters: Defense of players against the Bludgers. Beaters use metal ringed wooden bats to detour the iron balls away from their teammates.

Playing Online

The Stat Sheet


Each player is given 22 points to divide among the given traits. However, at least 2 points must be given to each area of play. In other words, players may not put all their points in any one category and no more then 5 in each.

Tips for Creating Your Sheet

How quick are you to respond to situations? How quickly can you duck away from a bludger, catch a quaffle etc. This skill is very useful for avoiding bludgers, for keepers when blocking goals.

SIGHT~ simply, how good are your eyes? This is a very important skill for seekers.

HAND-EYE~ how well can you catch, throw, aim? How good is your coordination? This is a important skills for all players.

STRENGTH~ how strong are your arms, legs, etc? This skill is most beneficial to Chasers and Beaters

STAMINA~ how long can you go without getting tired? This skill is most beneficial to Seekers and Beaters

ROUGH HOUSING~ just how low will you go to get a goal? Are you a tough guy who likes to hit, kick or elbow? Useful for Beaters.

* Chasers and Beaters may wish to take more points in strength and rough housing, whereas seekers may want more stamina and hand-eye coordination.
3.m. Keep in mind that ALL characteristics are important and useful to all players.
*Please note that:
a) Slytherin players must start with 3 points in rough housing
b) Gryffindor players must start with 3 points in stamina
c) Hufflepuff players must start with 3 points in hand-eye
d) Ravenclaw players must start with 3 points in sight

3.l. Points vs. Ability:
1~ Poor
2~ Average
3~ Quite Good
4~ Prefect Material
5~ Bloody Brilliant


Legal Fouls
The normal fouls in a game of Quidditch are:

Blagging – (All Players) – The seizing of another player's broom tail to slow him down
Blatching – (All Players) – Deliberately attempting to collide with an opponent
Blurting – (All Players) – Locking broom handles with the intention of forcing the opponent to go off course
Bumphing – (Beaters) – Hitting the Bludger(s) towards the spectators, causing chaos and forcing the match to be paused
Cobbing – (All Players) – Use of elbows against opponent
Flacking – (Keeper) – Attempting to block goals by sticking "any part of the anatomy" through the goal hoop
Haversacking – (Chasers) – Hand still on Quaffle when it goes through the goal hoop
Quaffle-Pocking– (Chasers) – Tampering with the Quaffle
Snitchnip – (All except Seeker) – Any player other than the seeker touching the Golden Snitch
Stooging – (Chasers) – More than one chaser in the scoring area

You may commit any of the above fouls against any player, at any point in the game. If your foul is successful it cancels out the move that the person you fouled was trying to do. Some examples:

A Keeper may attempt to flack during stopping a Quaffle (it wouldn’t be recommended but they could, but if this foul is successful then the goal would be saved)

A Chaser may try to haversack


Fouls are decided if they were succeesfull by the referee and the referee alone.

Illegal Fouls

There are many illegal fouls in the game of Quidditch which can range from transfiguring the opposing team’s Seeker into a polecat, or enchanted an axe to repeatedly attack the opposing team’s Keeper. Of course, anyone may try any of these illegal fouls and try to get away with it. However, with some illegal fouls (such as transfiguring a player) you can end up losing role-play points for any other move you were trying because of god-moding unless done carefully. All fouls that include the use of magic and wands are classed as illegal fouls. The success of these illegal fouls are decided by yet another dice roll:

1 - Foul not spotted
2 -3 - Foul called against person committing the foul. Team of the player committing the foul loses 10 house points and 5 points from the game.
4 - 5 – Ref is conned, foul called against person fouled. Team of the player fouled loses 10 house points and 5 points from the game.
6 – Serious damage caused by the foul, person fouled loses 1 health point.

You may not attempt to Avada Kedavra a player.


Description – 5 points

Readability – 3 points

Entertainment – 2 points

Consciseness – 1 point

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Rules of the Game
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