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The Wizarding World Joys with the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The Deatheaters who escaped Azkaban believe that he will return since there was one hocrux no one knew about. Them.
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 So How Do We Play?

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PostSubject: So How Do We Play?   Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:32 am

I'm sure some of you if not most are wondering how to play. Well here is an example Game.

First the two Team Cpatins for the game post their Team Rosters in a forum.

Gryffindor Roster:

Seeker: Harry James Potter (captain)
Chaser: Joshua Black
Chaser: Dark
Chaser: Light
Beater: Thomas
Beater: Ernie
Keeper: Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley


Seeker: Meiya
Chaser: Reiya
Chaser: Chishio
Chaser: Tsuki
Beater: Max
Beater: Sammy
Keeper: Bob

Okay, now that the rosters are posted you actually began the game once the referee decides too, the Referee is always Madam Hooch.

First The Chasers move:

Joshua saw the scarelt quaffle soar in the air as Madam Hooch announced the game to begin and he flew at it, diving to the ground as he rose his arm catching it. He looked up seeinjg a bludger coming for him already and he threw the quaffle to Dark before attempting to dodge the bludger.

(Attempt Pass and Bludger Dodge.)

Beater Moves: (Example)

Sammy soared around the pitch his eyes glancing for a bludger so he could begin his attack on the Gryffindor team to no success before he heard a odd crunch and a bludger came at him from a Gryffindor Beater and he swung with his own club the the bludger flew from his smack towards a Gryffindor Chaser.

(Attempt Bludger Attack)

Seeker Moves: (Example)

Harry soared higher than the rest of the players, the Ravenclaw seeker a few feet below him as he searched for the snitch and he shook his head slightly seeing a Bludger go for Joshua. His eyes widened to see a glint of gold and sighed when he realized it was only a spectators watch.

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So How Do We Play?
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