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The Wizarding World Joys with the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The Deatheaters who escaped Azkaban believe that he will return since there was one hocrux no one knew about. Them.
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 Lesson Two

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Professor Runsford
Head of Gryffindor
Head of Gryffindor

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PostSubject: Lesson Two   Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:43 pm

Professor Runsford looked up from his desk his glasses on and he sighed seeing his door still hand't opened. He returned to his book which was tiled "Quidditch Through The Ages" and he read it at least fifty times but it was to good to put that, in his eyes. He silently ignored the bell which rang simotaneously with the group of students entering his room and he stood up putting away his glasses as he did so. "Good morning students"

"Morning Professor" the calss rang out going for their notebooks and textbooks.

"No, no quills today, wands out, sit down. Listen" Professor Runsford said nicely.

Jack slowly walked back behind his desk and pointed as the glass case with what looked like fog or smoke inside it and he pulled his wand from his pocket slowly. He pointed at a Gryffindor and a Slytherin slowly signifying they were the helpers in class today. "Miss Vander and Miss Worley, if you wouldn't mind"

The gryffindor student, Miss Vander, and the slytherin Miss Worley walked to the front. Miss Vorley pouted slightly and her hand slipped to her pocket slowly. "Miss Worley" Professor Runsford said calmly "Do you know what is in the case?"

"No Professor"

"I wasn't expecting you or anyone in the class to know anyway." he stated plainly before Miss Vander's arm shot up. "Yes?"

"It's a Hinkypunk!"

"Very well done Miss Vander. 5 points to Gryffindor for your knowledge."

"Oh god" Miss Warley whispered "Another Granger"

"You two may return to your seats." Professor Runsofrd said before looking at the rest of the class. "Now since only one of you knwo what a hinkypunk is, I'm sure most of you don't know exactly how dangerous it is." a ravenclaw's hand shot into the air "One minute Miss McMillan" Jack said before continueing. "A Hinkypunk may look like it won't doing anything to you but they are quite intelligent. They carry a lamp with them all the time and are almost always found in swamps or woods. They use their lamp to lure unsuspecting Muggles and some uniformed or uneducated witches and wizards away from their trail are path making them lost and confused. After that have succeded with that the hinkypunk sneaks up on it's prey and knocks them unconcious before eating them." the class seemed uptight and slightly frightful. "Great witches and wizards have been killed when they let their guard down to hinkypunks and there is only one way to defeat and escape a hinkypunk. The spell lumos, or lumos maximus may be used to daze the hinkypunk and a well cast flipendo will defeat it giving you a chance to escape." Professor Runsofrd looked up at the class quietly. "You should very well practice these two spells since they absolutely will be on your final exam."

The class began to chatter and most sounded anxious, nervous, or down plain scared. "Now!" Professor Runsofrd managed to yell over them "Time for homework!"

With a flick of his wand writing appeared on the blackboard in Professor Runnsford's wirintg.


1). What does a hinkypunk look like?

2). What do hinkypunks always have with them?

3). What do they do with that item?

4). What does the hinkypunk do after that?

5). Are Hinkypunks dangerous?


1). What book was the Professor reading?

2). Are hinkypunks on Professor Runsford's final exam?

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Lesson Two
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