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 Lesson 2: Draught of the Living Dead

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PostSubject: Lesson 2: Draught of the Living Dead   Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:08 pm

Professor Hecate walked into her classroom flicking her wand to make the room darker. She swiftly turned and faced the first years.

”Take out a piece of parchment and a quill. We will be taking notes today. AND We will NOT be making this potion.” The students groaned and slowly took out the parchments and quills.

“Today’s potion is the Draught of the Living Dead potion. This potion is an extremely powerful sleeping potion which can halt a person’s death or make the drinker appear dead. The Draught of the Living Dead is sometimes used to fake someone’s own death, such as Regulus Black. The Draught of the Living Dead does have an antidote which can awaken the drinker.” She paused and waited for the students to stop writing. When the students looked up she continued.

“The Draught of the Living Dead consists of the following ingredients: Wormwood, Asphodel, Sopophorus Bean, and Valerian Roots. When these ingredients are mixed to together correctly, they will make the potion look clear. By appearance this potion can be confused for another. Can anyone tell me which potion?”

A ravenclaw raised his hand.

“Yes Mr. Lyon.”

“The Wit Sharpening Potion.”

“Good. Two points to Ravenclaw.” The Ravenclaws cheered.

“QUIET!” Professor Hecate yelled at the Raveclaws. “Before I take those points back and give them to another house, like Slytherin.” The ravenclaws closed there mouth and looked at Professor Hecate with scared eyes.

“As I was going to say, the Draught of the Living Dead looks like the Wit Sharpening Potion. Idiotic people get it confused with the Veritaserum potion. Now can anyone tell me what’s the difference between the Sleeping Draught and The Draught of the Living Dead?”

Another Ravenclaw raised her hand.

“Yes Miss Claven”

“The difference is that the Sleeping Draught is not as powerful as the Draught of the Living Dead.”

“Good. Three more points to Ravenclaw.” The Ravenclaws smiled quietly to themselves. Professor Hecate spotted a Hufflepuff with a blank parchment. She frowned.

“I hope that you were taking notes during this lesson because there might be a pop quiz..” Professor Hecate looked at the Hufflepuff boy who looked scared at what she had said.

“Copy down your homework before you leave” She pointed her wand at the board and her writing appeared.


1.Name the ingredients that are found in the Draught of the Living Dead. (2pts)

2.What potion is the Draught of the Living Dead confused the most with? (2pts)

3.What potion is weaker than the Draught of the Living Dead? (1 pt)

4.When you mix the ingredients what color will the potion appear? (1 pt)

5.Why do some people use this potion? (2 pts)

6.Who is known to have used this potion to fake their own death? (2pts)

Extra Credit: (1 pt each)
1.Why do you think we didn’t do the potion?

2.What house got points today?

3.Name the two students that answered.

4.What house was mentioned for the second time?

5.Would you use this potion? Why or Why not? (At least 2 sentences.)

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Lesson 2: Draught of the Living Dead
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