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The Wizarding World Joys with the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The Deatheaters who escaped Azkaban believe that he will return since there was one hocrux no one knew about. Them.
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 Lesson 3: Philosopher's Stone

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PostSubject: Lesson 3: Philosopher's Stone   Wed Apr 16, 2008 6:55 pm

Professor Hecate sat at her desk waiting impatiently for her students to arrive. As she waited for her students to arrive, she started to grade some last minute homework. The final bell rang and the first years started to file into the dungeon room. She stood up and waited for them to take their seats.

“Parchements and Quills out. You will be taking notes.” She said plainly. The students sighed, disappointed that they will not be making potions today.

“Today you will be learning about the Philosopher's Stone. Do any of you know what the Philosopher’s Stone is?”

A Gryffindor raised her hand. Professor Hecate ignored it. When she saw that no body else knew what it was she sighed in annoyence.

“Yes, Miss Griffin”

“The Philosopher's Stone is a stone, invented by Nicolas Flamel” She responded.

“Great another Hermione.” Professor Hecate mumbled. “Correct, five points to Gryffindor. The Philosopher’s Stone was invented by Nicolas Flamel. The stone is legendary in that it changes all metals to gold, and when brewed into an elixir can make the drinker immortal. This elixer is called ‘Elixer of Life’. In order to make the drinker immortal, the drinker must drink the potion regulary. Another name for this stone is the Sorcerer's Stone” She paused and waited for the students to finish writing.

“The reason why we are not making this potion is because the worst thing to happened to Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore, destroyed the stone.” The Slytherins snickered at the Professor’s comment and the other students glared at her.

“Ok, next week you will have a test on these past three lessons. You may use your textbooks. Make sure to hand in your homework on time.” As she said this she flicked her wand at the board and the homework appeared.


1.What is the Philosopher’s Stone? (1 Point)
2.What is another name for it? (1 Point)
3.Who created the Philosopher’s Stone? (2 Point)
4.How does the stone look like? (3 Point)
5.What potion does this stone make? (1 Point)
6.What does the potion do? (1 Point)
7.Why can’t we make the potion? (1 Point)

Extra Credit (1 Point):
1.How many times does the drinker need to drink the potion to become immortal?
2.When are we having a test?
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Lesson 3: Philosopher's Stone
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