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 Dueling Rules

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PostSubject: Dueling Rules   Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:03 pm

"Dueling is a Magical Battle between and Wizard and a Witch, Wizards, or Witches"

While Dueling you will be taking turns with your opponent. You may decide to attack or defend in any situation. You will only be allowed to cast certain spells while dueling and the spells will take away points from your magic bar. You must roll a dice if you decide to attack which will show how much damage you do to your opponent ranging from 5 hitpoints to 50 hitpoints.

Allowed Spells:

Antler jinx - Takes 4 Magic

Babbling Curse - Takes 3 Magic

Bat-Boogey Hex - Takes 8 Magic

Boil-Covering spell - Takes 5 Magic

Conjunctivitis Curse - Takes 6 Magic

Densaugeo - Takes 3 Magic

Ennervate (When Dueling in Teams) - Takes 10 Magic

Expelliarmus - Takes 8 Magic

Furnunculus - Takes 4 Magic

Impedimenta - Takes 7 Magic

Jelly Legs Jinx - 4 Magic

Langlock - Takes 9 MAgic

Levicorpus - Takes 7 Magic

Liberacorpus - Takes 7 MAgic

Locomotor Mortis - Takes 9 Magic

Petrificus Totalus - Takes 8 Magic

Protego - Takes 5 Magic

Rictusempra - Takes 6 Magic

Sectumsempra (Will Have Consequences) - Takes 10 Magic

Stupefy - Takes 10 Magic

Tarantallegra - Takes 3 Magic

Tripping Jinx - takes 1 Magic

Your magic bar will be edited by a moderator so Duels will be planned AHEAD OF TIME! not whenever you feel like it. The winner of the duel will receive their house 30 points but if anyone uses a unforgivable curse they will lose their house 80 points.

"The most powerful wizards falter once and die during a duel."
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Dueling Rules
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