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The Wizarding World Joys with the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The Deatheaters who escaped Azkaban believe that he will return since there was one hocrux no one knew about. Them.
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 Lesson One

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Head of Gryffindor

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PostSubject: Lesson One   Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:23 am

The sun was rather bright outide for the middle of February and classes have been going on for awhile but Jack still wasn't sure if his students were ready to learn about the Disarming Spell especially since they were only first years. He reached in his pocket for his wand just as students began filtering into the classroom and the bell for class to begin rang. Jack nodded to himself and walked to the front of the classroon.

"Good Afternoon Students" he said as he walked and he flicked his wand at the board and the rules appeared.

"Good Morning Professor" the first years rang out before reading the rules when they finished they stared at their teacher waiting for him to speak.

"Today we will be learning a new spell so...Wand out quills away"

The students wore smiles and some rummaged through their bags for their wands and other pulled the from the arms in their robes and some from the back pocket of jeans and Jack turned his head slightly at this. 'Bad idea to do that' he though to himself before the students began to bicker and the volume rose. Jack flicked his wand up and red sparks flew from the end getting everyone's attention.

"Okay the spell we will be learning is" Professor Runsford flicked his wand and writing appeared on the portable blackboard in the class "The Disarming Spell"

"Professor!" a young Ravenclaw sounded he rhand shooting in the air

"Yes Miss. Revali?"

"Isn't the Expelliarmus Spell Harry Potter's spell?"

"Why Miss. Revali it seems you are uninformed. Yes, Mr. Potter has used the spell to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named but that does not mean that it is his spell but five points to Ravenclaw for knowing the incantation to the spell" Professor Runsford replied "Now, as Miss. Revali stated, the incantation for this spell is Expelliarmus and is a rather difficult spell for first years to handle." Jack nodded as another hand shot up.

"Yes Mr. Grint?"

"But Professor, if you say the spell is hard for us to do why are you teaching it?"

Jack eyed the slytherin boy. "Okay Mr. Grint if you do not feel ready to attempt the Expelliarmus Spell, when I feel that everyone here is ready, then you may sit in the back, but it will have consequences. Now to the rest of you, Miss. Revali and Mr. Grint to the front of the classroom please."

The two students slowly held their wands in their hands and walked foward as the entire class watched. "Miss. Revali I would like you to attempt to use the Disarming Spell on Mr. Grint in a duel" another hand shot up and Professor Ransford nodded to the Hufflepuff.

"Professor......what's a duel?"

The Slytherin's in the classroom burst out in laughter and some other sutdents shot up wondering the same question but not wanting to ask.

"Shush!" Professor Ransford stated "A Student has the right to ask a question. Do that again and Slytherin House will lose five points! Now to Mr. Lassim. A duel is a magical battle between a wizard or witch, or wizards, or witches. They cast a limit of spells if it a competition duel but if it a murderous intent any spell may be used. Now back to the lesson. Miss. Revali I would like you to cast the Expelliarmus Spell on Mr. Grint while he attempts to attack you."

The two students took a second to react to the Professor's orders but then the young Ravenclaw waved he wand and yelled the incantation sending a yellow-gold colored pulse from he wand that hit the Slytherin sending him flying back a few feet and his wand landed across the classroom.

"Nice job Miss. Revali. Five points to Ravenclaw" Jack announced "Now, I apologize but I lost track of time and we are almost done with the class tie so Copy down you homework. I expect it on my desk next week for grading."

Professor Ransford flicked his wand and the writing on the blackboard changed. "First, You must sign your name at the top of the paper with your house. My format for homework is you must copy the questions then answer and skip lines between question and answer. You may get up to ten points on your homework and now that you know the format, the homework is on the board."


1). What is the Incantation of the Disarming Spell?

2). What is a duel?

3). Who were the two students to demonstrate the spell?

4). Why is the Professor teaching this spell?

5). What does the Expelliarmus Spell do?

Extra Credit:

Choice One: - Write a short Rp about you using the Expelliarmus Spell.

Choice Two- Answer the following Questions

1). Is the Disarming Spell Harry's Spell?

2). Why may some people think it is his spell?
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Lesson One
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